About us

Jean van Zyl started out in 2007 in search of a new hobby. She did some research on different cat breeds and decided on the Chinchilla Longhair.

She spent a full day at a cat show with Alida Delport of the Cherie-Finesse Catteryhttp://www.cherie-finesse.co.za, observing and learning. After that day, she was smitten by the Chinchilla Longhair cat breed. Alida became her mentor on breeding. Jean decided not to register her own cattery from the beginning, but that she would first 'learn the ropes' as co-breeder with Cherie-Finesse. Alida assisted her to obtain Gucci Christine in December 2007. Gucci, as she is called, carries the Dearheart and Cherie-Finesse lines. Gucci is a grand daughter of the first Chinchilla Longhair that became supreme champion under the SACC Chinchilla Longhair breed.

Over time, Jean also developed a keen interest in the Ragdoll breed. She obtained her first Ragdoll from Port Elizabeth breeder Ivo Huisman of the Waterlee Cattery. This cat, Waterlee Miu-Miu, a spayed female, is currently one of the top award winners in Cape Town.

During the CASA/SACC show at the Kirkwood Wildlife Festival in 2010. show, Ivo realized that Jean was serious about becoming a Ragdoll breeder. He assisted her with a Ragdoll breeding strategy which included a stud from Waterlee and obtaining two females from Europe.

With this serious commitment to breeding Traditional Longhairs and Ragdolls, Jean registered Cherie-Lee in 2010.

Jean participated in the historical WCF breed recognition show for the Chinchilla Longhairs in June 2010 in Cape Town.  On this show, two of Gucci Christine's offspring, namely Cherie-Finesse Jean Paul (owned by Jean) and Cherie-Finesse Leo (owned by Anemie van der Wath) were Best Chinchilla Longhair Neuter and Best Chinchilla Longhair Male respectively.