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Unreal Ragdolls Xanadu

Xanadu scheming on her next adventure.

Date of Birth 8 August  2010   
Sire Intl Ch Ritzyrags Maple Syrup JW  (RAGn03)
Dam Unreal Ragdolls Pandora *ES (RAGn04)
Breed number FIFE (SK)SZCHL0271/2010/RAG)
Breed description Sealpoint mitted
Titles Supreme Champion (SACC)
Breeder G FR Goiri & O C Cardona
About her Imported. Xanadu is a very intelligent, friendly cat. She is always at the lead when the Cherie-Lee cats are up teaming up for some fun.

Xanadu saying: "Hi!"

January 2013

Xanadu's Kittens



Xanadu's first kittens were born in February 2012. 
The pictures below were taken on 9 April 2012.

Gema and Oscar

Gema and Oscar

Litter mate Bluepoint mitted.

Ragdolls have calm and relaxed natures.

Oscar at about 14 months

Cherie-Lee Alex and Andri              

Cherie-Lee Abba and Andri

Cherie-Lee Ann and Alex

Cherie-Lee Ann, Sealpointed Mitten